Welcome to MenInTurrets

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Alie, Aug 13, 2015.

Welcome to MenInTurrets

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Alie, Aug 13, 2015.

  1. Alie

    Alie Grim Council Staff Member

    For those of you that did not know, we have for some time been coordinating our battles with MenInTurrets (MIT) who are a fantastic and friendly outfit with a very similar play style to our own.

    In order to conserve resources and improve coordination between the outfits a number of changes have taken place. Firstly we have allowed our 'Mumble communications' to expire and have switched to using the MIT Teamspeak server. Secondly, MIT are in the process of integrating into our forums.

    You will notice that the 'members in game now' widget now indicates those players from both SR and MIT, so if you are logging into game, please send a tell to whoever is online for a squad invite. If you are able and willing to join voice communications, the details are on the 'message of the day' within game (press 'O').

    On behalf of SR, I would personally like to welcome MIT to our forums and wish us ALL, the best for our future combined gaming endeavours.

  2. Beastman

    Beastman CHEERY DICTATOR Men In Turrets [MIT]

    Cheers A1ie, its always fun! Looking forward to more of it!
  3. Basher

    Basher Legionaire

  4. TeslaGuise


    Thanks A1ie! Looking forward to more SR and MiT shenanigans! :D
  5. iccle


    I feel welcomed :D
  6. KillFrenzy

    KillFrenzy Grim Council Staff Member

    Welcome to MIT!
  7. Redshift

    Redshift Grim Council Staff Member

    Oh no... Iccle better have an avatar before I get back to the UK or he's getting nick caged
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  8. Bodman


    Harsh but fair :)
  9. kill11eeR

    kill11eeR Man at arms

    Yeah, I learnt that the hard way...
    Welcome MIT!
  10. Alie

    Alie Grim Council Staff Member

    Me too :-\